“We are crew, not passengers.”  -Kurt Hahn

  • Service – fostering the responsibility and desire to actively engage in the service of others – read more about Service Learning at Renaissance.
  • Stewardship – emphasizing responsibility and caring for the school community, society at-large, and the environment
  • Character – integrated emphasis on beneficence, integrity, perseverance, stewardship, and empathy


The Renaissance culture will cultivate high standards of character in all members of the school community. Self discipline, self-reflection, and character-oriented qualities like empathy, integrity, beneficence, stewardship, and perseverance will be integrated into learning experiences and targeted in a variety of ways. These include service projects, team-building adventures, and public demonstrations of learning – such as student-led conferences – which teach students to take responsibility for the quality of their work and for the habits of mind and behavior that created the work.