RSS is committed to having a strong, positive and caring school community


  • At RSS, we develop meaningful connections between students and with teachers.  For example, each student will belong to an Advisory Crew of students who meet daily with their faculty advisor. Advisory Crews will provide academic and social support through team-building activities, meetings among peers, and mentoring opportunities.


  • The school's small size, along with a tradition of shared experiences such as drum circles and all school meetings - The Gathering - will help facilitate the culture of crew and feel more like a family than traditional schools. The Renaissance motto is “We are crew, not passengers”.


  • Students develop a strong and lasting bond with their peers and teachers through Adventure Education.  Adventure Education voyages contribute to a culture of teamwork, perseverance, and cooperation.


  • A sense of ownership and belonging is created by teacher and student engagement in decisions regarding the design of curriculum, assessment, and of their physical environment.


  • An emphasis on service learning develops students as principled, caring young people who take action as a consequence of their learning.


"No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship" - James Comer