An innovative educational program emphasizing critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity –skills that colleges and employers agree are essential to success.


  • Authentic – real-world connection offers meaning beyond the walls of the classroom
  • Challenging – pushes students to reach and stretch beyond their current abilities
  • Personalized – meets students where they are academically and accounts for student interests and passions

The Renaissance model utilizes best practices from research-based methods to offer an innovative and challenging academic program. Project Based Learning, Expeditionary Learning and Design Thinking offer high levels of student engagement and achievement through active interdisciplinary learning. Our program emphasizes student inquiry, critical thinking and the craftsmanship required to create high-quality products. Students do original research, often guided by experts from the field, and present their results to both peers and the public.

Learning Expeditions—deep studies of rich academic topics—are a primary means of organizing and delivering the educational program, cutting across disciplines, including the arts. Learning Expeditions are inquiry based, integrated through core content areas, and differentiated based on student needs and interests. 

A Renaissance Secondary education will lead to a deep understanding of concepts represented by the World Class Outcomes and Colorado State Content Standards. Renaissance Secondary will prepare students for success in college and life with a toolkit of 21st century skills.

Renaissance is committed to serving students according to research-based best practices to prepare them for college, careers, and life.