The unique and innovative programming at Renaissance Secondary requires additional funding in the form of student fees. Renaissance utilizes a once per year flat fee to cover educational program needs, rather than asking parents to pay fees “here and there” throughout the year for items such as adventure education, fieldwork transportation, electives, and technology fees.

The fees for the 2017-2018 school year will total $1200 per student, broken down as follows:

  • $500 Adventure Education Fee (includes transportation)
  • $200 Supply Fee (tools and materials for projects)
  • $125 Field Work Fee (includes transportation)
  • $100 Tech Fee
  • $75 Book Fee
  • $75 Activity/Elective Fee (X Block Funding)
  • $125 Arts Fee

Student fees are non-refundable once the school year begins.

– Families who qualify for free or reduced price meals may be eligible for financial aid awards for school fees. Please see our Financial Aid Policy for details. –