RSS Enrollment

Newly Enrolled Families for 2018-2019

Families admitted for the 2018-2019 school year must print ALL of the following forms and return them to the school no later than December 22nd at 4:30pm.  Incomplete Packets will not be accepted.

Be sure all of the following materials are included:

DCSD Registration Form
Health Information Form 18-19
DCSD Migrant Form English
Student Residency Form
Media Consent
$200 Deposit check toward next year's fees


If your student is not currently enrolled in a Douglas County School (e.g. if they are coming from out-of-district or homeschool), you must also provide a copy of the following (in addition to the forms listed above):
Birth Certificate
Current Immunization Records
Proof of Residency*


*Documents accepted include a copy of any of the following: tax notice, your listing from the tax assessor's website, warranty deed, deed of trust, lease agreement, or purchase agreement. Only a copy of the page that includes your name and address is required.

RSS will utilize DCSD Open Enrollment for our application process for the 2018-19 school year.

DCSD Open Enrollment is an online process. Round one has been completed for the 2018-2019 school year. Round 2 applications will be accepted beginning on January 22nd at 8:00AM. Applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, based on space available. Applications be will be waitlisted and admitted if space becomes available.

In order to enroll at RSS, at least one parent from each family is required to attend a Prospective Parent Info Session to learn more about our unique programming.

There is no wait list outside of Open Enrollment. Those who fill out the online Interest List will be sent information about our process and an invitation to Information Sessions that take place over the course of the year (Please see Sign Up Genius RSVP below for dates.)


Parents and students are welcome to attend an information session to learn more about our compelling education for Grades 6-11!

Sign Up for a Prospective Parent Information Session

At least one parent must attend an information session in order to enroll at the school. Information sessions give an overview of the school’s unique programming and include a tour of the school.

1/16/2017 (6:00pm - 7:30pm)

Sign Up for a School Tour for Prospective Parents/Students

Tours are led by RSS Staff and/or Board Members.  Tours allow parents who have attended an information session to come for a second look or bring additional family members and ask questions.

1/27/2017 (9:00am - 10:00am)


Current families who intend to remain at RSS for next year needn't take any action unless they are enrolling siblings.

Sibling Enrollment

RSS Families who plan to enroll a sibling of a current student MUST complete the DCSD Open Enrollment process online. Siblings receive priority enrollment. Round 2 Open Enrollment is limited by space available and opens on January 22nd at 8:00AM. RSS won't be able to accommodate students who have not completed Open Enrollment.


If your child does not plan to attend RSS next year, please complete the Possible Withdrawal form.  Completing this form does NOT give away your child's spot.



Renaissance Secondary is now at capacity for the 2017-18 school year. If you are interested in enrollment at RSS for upcoming years, please see the Interest List to submit your contact information. Please see the RSS Enrollment Policy for comprehensive information about enrollment.


Special Education Enrollment:

Please click here to view and download: Enrollment of Students Receiving Special Education Services.  If your child has Special Education needs and you are considering enrollment at RSS, please review this introductory letter from our Special Education team.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 6.46.21 PM

Greetings from the Renaissance Guidance Team!

Welcome to Renaissance Secondary School’s prospective student informational session - we do hope you are enjoying learning about our educational philosophy. Debbie Rabideau, our Leader of Learning, says it best: "Renaissance Secondary School is a fundamentally different school. Understanding that each student is their own unique individual with their own way of learning, RSS takes a personalized approach to meet students where they are academically while accounting for their individual interests and passions.” If you are considering open enrolling your student who has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), we hope this document assists your family in getting a sense of Renaissance’s approach in educating diverse learners, answer initial questions, and provide resources to access further information.

Douglas County School District (DCSD) is proud to offer a “wide variety of pathways to learning”, including neighborhood schools, magnet, charter, online, home education, contract schools, and scholarships to private partner schools. Just as DCSD is committed to “ empower families to find the best educational fit for their children ” through the open enrollment process, Renaissance Secondary is passionate to collaborate with prospective families who have students with IEP’s to ensure Renaissance is a good match for their student’s passions, interests, and goals. As an a rticle about school choice notes, it’s essential to consider the mission , c ulture , and community atmosphere of a school when determining the best fit for a family and their student. Indeed, e ducational choice allows families to find programs that meet their needs and their personal philosophy, while helping parents to consider what they want for their student’s education.

Meet the Guidance Team!
When you click on our staff tab on Renaissance’s website, it may be tricky to tell at first glance which staff are part of the special education team. We believe this is a good thing! Instead of traditional special education titles which typically don’t tend to hold the most positive associations in students’ minds, we chose titles that best describe our main instructional roles at Renaissance. Katy Kennerley is our Communication Guide, Kim Lavold and Holly Spurlin are our Learning Guides, and Melissa Teasdale and Peter Thompson are our Mental Health Guides. You’ll see us around campus co-teaching in classrooms, facilitating workshop groups in crew spaces, conducting individual conferences with students, teaching X-Blocks, and leading Advisories.

How does Renaissance collaborate with families during the open enrollment process?
Unlike schools who inform incoming families what the school offers in services, service delivery, and programming for students with IEP’s, the Guidance team does not make programming decisions for the following year until all collaborative conversations with incoming families have been conducted. This ensures our programming and support structure is personalized to the needs, interests, passions, and goals of each student with an IEP at Renaissance.

Non-Discrimination Policy:

RSS does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, ancestry, academic ability, or need for special education services. Diagnostic and placement tests may be administered after a student is officially enrolled, but they have no bearing on the RSS lottery nor the extension of enrollment invitations.

Community Notice:

RSS has and will continue to use the following mechanisms to notify the community about Renaissance and attract a diverse student body:

  • RSS website: (this site)
  • Articles printed in local news outlets
  • Community Information Tables
  • Community Information Meetings
  • Flyers
  • RSS official Facebook page and paid advertising