The Renaissance Secondary School Board of Directors is seeking a new director to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Brian Trettel, Board Treasurer. Interested individuals should email a letter of interest and resume to Ryan Stuart, Board President at [email protected] by March 14. The Board of Directors will select Brian's replacement at its April board meeting. 


Our Vision

To empower students to explore, discover, and understand the world around them and the passions within them and to graduate students who are:

  • - Creative, reflective, fulfilled individuals
  • - Active, compassionate citizens
  • - Courageous builders of a harmonious and sustainable world

Our Mission

Through authentic, integrated learning experiences, Renaissance will empower students to become modern learners who are critical thinkers and problem solvers, communicators, collaborators, and creative innovators who contribute to the world around them.

Tell me, and I forget... Teach me, and I remember... Involve me, and I learn